Tattoo Art Polynesian Tribal Turtle Life and Fertility Zippo Lighter

Polynesian Hawaiian Art Design Sea Turtle Tattoo Chrome Zippo Lighter. To understand the meaning of Polynesian tattoos, it is important to understand Polynesian Tattoo Design. There are two styles of Polynesian tattoo designs. Etua is the first style, where the design has strong religious and spiritual meanings attached to it. This style also has magical symbols, which are said to offer protection from the Gods. Enata is the other style, which has natural designs. These natural designs describe a person, his identity and his social status, along with island of origin, occupation and history. Most of the Polynesian tattoo designs symbolized courage, honor and gave protection. Turtles are known to live long. The Polynesians were aware of this fact. A Polynesian turtle tattoo represented long life and fertility.

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  • Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

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