Zippo Gold High Polish Brass Pipe Lighter

This high polish brass lighter features a metal pattern and red stripe design with a brass pipe design in the corner of the lighter. Comes packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. For optimal performance, fill with Zippo premium lighter fluid.

Product Features

  • Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo “click”
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere
  • Pipe lighter insert. Design ensign encases the Flame in metal, Allowing it to be drawn directly into the pipe without bending over the side
  • Made in USA; lifetime guarantee that “it works or we fix it “
  • Fuel: Zippo premium lighter Fluid (sold separately)

3 thoughts on “Zippo Gold High Polish Brass Pipe Lighter

  1. Possibly the last lighter you will ever buy Zippo lighters are the best out there, period. I have been smoking a pipe for a long time, and my trusty zippo pipe lighter has always (and continues to) work reliably. I have had a chrome Zippo pipe lighter for over 8 years (matches before that) and it still, to this day, works like the day I got it. The ony reason I got this particular one (same one, different color) is that I wanted to treat myself to a different color. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING has ever gone wrong with my Zippo, and the…

  2. Great lighter As a pipe smoker, I have always used throw away lighters but as they leave burn marks on the top of the pipe bowl I finally purchased a Zippo pipe lighter. I have friends and family that uses Zippo lighters and I have always liked the way they are built and that famous Zippo clicking sound when you open and close them. I really like having my own Zippo and I like how the flame never touches the top of the pipe bowl. I don’t taste the butane from the cheap throw away types anymore since the…

  3. It’s passable, but disappointing for a Zippo. This is by no means my first Zippo, but I quit smoking cigarettes years ago and haven’t really kept up on the quality and designs. I took up occasional pipe smoking, and remembered seeing pipe lighters years ago. So, I picked this up.In terms of quality, I have to say it’s not as nice as any off-the-shelf Zippo from as recently as five years ago. It has a “knockoff” feel, which is accentuated by the painted graphics. The opposite side is plain polished metal, which scratches…

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