Zippo Sterling Pocket Lighter, Silver Vintage

A Zippo lighter with bare metal, brushed sterling Silver, classic size case, finished with a plain design. This lighter requires fluid fuel. The lighter is supplied unfueled for safety during shipping.

Product Features

  • All metal construction
  • Optimum performance
  • Windproof design works virtually anywhere
  • Requires fluid Fuel
  • High polish sterling Silver

3 thoughts on “Zippo Sterling Pocket Lighter, Silver Vintage

  1. This lighter looks and feels great. Silver feels softer then usual ones This lighter looks and feels great. Silver feels softer then usual ones. The “click” is little different but I like it and I just love sound it makes when you close it (kind of soft “clunk”). As mentioned before this thing is fingerprint magnet but no more than any High Polish Zippo.Also this comes in a nice black velour hinged box and includes soft pocket-thing which is very good at cleaning fingerprints.I posted photo of this lighter near High Polish…

  2. so of course I over filled that bad boy. Set it aside for about 15 or … I bought this because I no longer smoke, so I don’t really buy lighters. I have been using a box of match sticks to light my charcoal chimney but the box is so old it is falling apart and getting harder and harder to get a match to light. This is the 3rd zippo that I have owned in my life. First one, lost it when I was driving down the road and tossed it instead of the cigarette. Second one, I probably still have, but it is stuffed somewhere deep in a box when I moved years ago (I had never…

  3. Timeless Design I prefer classic designs and this Zippo style fits that bill. I purchased it for four reasons:1) Squared shape (not rounded top like modern Zippos)2) Brushed surface to hide scratches and fingerprints3) Cool hash marks give it that vintage look4) It’s a Zippo so it’ll probably never breakIt’s currently my go-to lighter and it fits easily in the little watch pocket of my jeans. My only complaint is the little metal rivets on my jeans pockets will…

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