Zippo Unparalleled Tradition Lighter

Get fired up with this genuine Zippo windproof lighter. The latest version in a series of Zippo lighters, these lighters come with the same reliable, patented technology and are made in the USA. These qualities make these lighters a great gift or collectors piece. All Zippo lighters feature a lifetime guarantee. Lighters are refillable with lighter fluid for years of service.

Product Features

  • Finished with a Unparalleled Tradition design
  • Durable Metal Outer Case
  • Windproof Lighter
  • Hinged Lid lighter
  • Requires Fluid fuel
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
  • Great for collectors and also to be used everyday

3 thoughts on “Zippo Unparalleled Tradition Lighter

  1. Decal Art. NOT Engraved. Just so you know, this review is mostly about the outer design (Art) and not the lighter itself, which is of great quality as any Zippo lighter.For those of you considering this lighter for its unique art, let me warn you, this is NOT an engraved image, but a 3D decal, which means it can easily peel off and completely disappear when used every day, specially if kept inside a pocket.I couldn’t tell from the pictures, which do a poor job at showing the true nature of the art. If…

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