Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

A man’s story. It’s solid by way of surroundings, surroundings and context. Because the place a man lives and what he is surrounded by using inevitably set the rhythm for the selections he makes. The setting where he lives shapes who he’s and the manner wherein he maneuvers all through the arena. His atmosphere engineer his existence. Zippo has been engineering products for the American man for decades. It is an instrument of his existence that’s been exceeded down from generation to era, from east coast to west. As a result of irrespective of his story, the induction into manhood starts with Zippo. And irrespective of the era, the trends or the position wherein he lives, Zippo makes the man.

Product Features

  • RF Theft Resistant
  • Stainless Metal Shell, Flexible Polymer Construction
  • Stores 7+ Cards and Cash
  • four.5-Inch from Fold to end; three-Inch extensive; three/4-Inch thick when closed; Weighs 6-Ounce empty

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