Zippo 28274 Gold Design High Polish Chrome Women In Sunglasses Windproof Pocket Lighter with Two Flint Card and One Wick Card

This Zippo lighter, flint, and wick package includes 1 Zippo 28274 lighter, 2 cards of genuine Zippo flints with 6 flints on each card for a total of 12 spare flints, and 1 piece of genuine Zippo wick. Zippo 28274 Gold Design high polish chrome finish metal women in sunglasses full face printed pocket lighter comes with two replacement spare flint cards and one spare wick card for Zippo lighters. Zippo 28274 lighter has an authentic flint wheel ignition and rugged metal body. All Zippo lighters are Made in the USA. Like all genuine Zippo windproof lighters, Zippo 28274 Gold Design high polish chrome women in sunglasses windproof pocket lighter comes in an original Zippo environmentally friendly cardboard gift box with Zippos lifetime guarantee. Zippo 2406N-Single spare flint is used for improving ignition of the Zippo lighters. Zippo 2425-Single replacement spare wick for Zippo lighter. Zippo 2425-Single spare wick is used for better flame and easier light. Flint and wick are made in USA. Note that fuel for all Zippo lighters are sold separately.

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