Zippo Windproof Classic Lighter (Matte Red) with GiftBox Includes 6 Genuine Flints Dispenser and 4 Ounce Can of Zippo Lighter Fluid by Emenar


DIMENSIONS OF LIGHTER: Length: 1.50″” x Width: 0.5″” W xHeight: 2.25″
INCLUDES: Classic Zippo Lighter, 6 genuine flints dispenser, 4 oz. can of Zippo lighter fluid, Gift box

About Zippo:
The Zippo timeline begins in the early 1930s, at the Bradford Country Club in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Mr. Blaisdell watched a friend struggle awkwardly to use a cumbersome, Austrian-made lighter. In late 1932 Mr. Blaisdell decided to reconstruct the Austrian lighter. He fabricated a small rectangular case and attached a lid with a hinge. He preserved the chimney design which protected the flame. The result was an attractive lighter that was easily operated with one hand. The name “Zippo” was created by Mr Blaisdell.

In a world where most products are simply disposable or available with limited warranties, the Zippo pocket lighter remains backed by its famous lifetime guarantee. In more than 85 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo pocket lighter regardless of the lighter’s age or condition. The Zippo pocket lighter is ingrained in American culture and is a global icon of durability and reliability.</p

Product Features

  • COOL MATTE DESIGN: Grab this popular red matte windproof lighter to give you a more fancy look. The matte finish gives the lighter a smooth texture. The first matte lighter (black) was introduced into Zippo’s stock line in 1984. Soon after the first introduction of the matte lighter four more colors were introduced: blue, burgundy, green, and grey. In 1985. The Matte Lighters are created with a powder coat that is applied electrostatically to the brass case.
  • HEAVY DUTY & HIGH QUALITY : This lighter is only made with the best material and has been serving owners since World War II. For optimum performance, we only recommend using genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. All in one kit!
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Unlike disposable lighters, you don’t need to throw these and buy a new one when you run out of fuel. Authentic Zippo Lighters only use premium clean burning and low odor fuel to help keep the environment healthy.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Looking for fancy gift? We’ve got you covered! This genuine classic lighter has a distinctive presentation. Comes packaged in an exclusive environmentally friendly gift box. This Authentic Zippo Gift Set makes an ideal Fathers day, birthday, and anniversary gift for men as well as a great Christmas present!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY : Every Zippo purchase comes with the peace of mind of a Lifetime warranty. When it comes to reliable lighters, they don’t come more hardy than Zippo, a device made so insanely well made that the company that makes them guarantee to repair it for free, Forever!

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